Cold Planer Comparison

Purchasing a cold planer can be a confusing task unless you know what to look for. This article is intended to help give you a few pointers to help zero in on what matters the most.

First is the drive system, be sure the cold planer is a planetary drive of a very high quality. The abuse that a cold planer sees requires the best of the best to reduce downtime and failure. Blue Diamond uses a Sauer piston motor and a Fairfield planetary torque hub. This setup steps up the torque (21%) to the drum and allows the torque hub to carry the load.

Another important thing is the tooth height. This sounds like a simple thing but it reduces the drag of the cut by getting the tooth further from the drum. Blue Diamond uses a 5″ clearance while most others are 3″(30″-40″ units). The tooth itself is also an important area to not cut any corners. Blue Diamond uses a “rocket fin” tooth that turns as it is grinding to keep wear consistent and the tooth from seizing in the holder. This is not used by most competitors and it creates premature tooth replacement and frustration while changing the teeth.

The drum thickness is where  a tremendous amount of energy comes from to carry the unit through the toughest conditions. Blue Diamond uses 1.5″ thick drum giving us the least vibration of any cold planer on the market. The drum and teeth are accessed through the largest access cover in the industry making it one of the easiest and safest to change teeth on. Be wary of units that require you to get under the cold planer to change teeth.

Some cold planers use wheels to roll on. Our experience is that even the best quality wheel will not hold up in such abrasive conditions and they become hassle to deal with. Skid plates are by far the way to go but it is critical that the skid plates are independently  adjustable.

We have also found that many cold planers will not side shift as far as the Blue Diamond unit will. This single feature has resulted in customers saving extensive time and money by getting closer to curbs, walls and drains.

It is worth the time to ask the warranty procedure and period. Blue Diamond offers a 12 month parts and labor. As in most things you will get what you pay for!