Coming Soon – Severe Duty Broom update

Development of our new Severe Duty angle broom is progressing well. Our prime focus has been to provide an angle broom for heavy use in rental or asphalt resurfacing. Similar to what we did on our pickup broom, we heavily researched what the market was requesting and the results were again similar to the pickup broom findings. What we heard was that the market is full of economy and mid-range brooms but the serious users faced challenges keeping their brooms working in tough conditions. Some of the key areas we focused on are:

  • Larger bearings and spindles
  • Floating head with spring assist
  • Allowing angle changes without stopping the bristles
  • Replaceable hood with bolt-on-deflectors


We sent our first test unit out to help at the Gatlinburg fire cleanup and the results were very rewarding.  A couple of minor changes will be made before full production ramps up.