Cutting Grass and Brush, How can I be sure I am getting the right tools for the job?

Whether you are a dealer working on a machine deal or a user that is seeking out the best bang for their buck, the dilemma always comes up. Should I buy a brush cutter attachment that will cut down six inch trees or one that will cut through tall grass with ease?  Here at Blue Diamond we know that there is no need to compromise, you can achieve both with one machine, and do it well!


Often times, high end brush cutters are designed strictly to take down brush and cut through larger material, which means when they hit grass all they leave is a mess.  As the cutter approaches it pushes the grass over, passes through with minimal cutting, stamps it down with the tracks of the machine, and leaves behind something that resembles a bad haircut.  This is a serious limiting factor to any brush cutter as most everyone in this line of work will be faced with mowing a field or maintaining cleared land at some point.  The good news is, there are features to look out for so you know your brush cutter will be effective in grass.


  1. The more blades the better. The old standard 2 blade cutters will not give a clean cut like the 3 and 4 blade models will. The result is a finer mulch with less clumping.
  2. Drop down blades are key. The straight and or sandwiched blades keep the blade too close to the blade carrier and tends to lay the grass over instead of cutting it. Sandwiched blades (that go inside the blade carrier) makes the blade carrier lower than the blades which isn’t a big deal in brush cutting, but causes problems when cutting grass. Drop down blades allow for the cutting edge of the blade to be further from the deck, again allowing the grass to be standing more instead of being bent over when being cut
  3. The deck height is also a factor. For the same reasons as above, the deck to blade distance is what allows for a proper cut, leaving the grass standing up and keeping the material from bogging the cutter down.
  4. Don’t be fooled by high tip speed claims. Your skid steer only has a set amount hydraulic flow, and any cutter needs to have not only speed but torque as well. In thick green grass torque is very important as the grass wraps the blades and bogs it down.
  5. Chain curtains make a huge difference. Look at the back edge of the deck for a chain curtain or a raised back to allow the grass to escape instead of it being gathered up. Rollers or decks that go all the way to the ground will pull grass along, periodically depositing large piles instead of leaving an even spread.


All of the Blue Diamond brush cutters are built with this in mind, as a result of great customer feedback and thorough product testing.  With constant changes and new developments, our products only get better with age!