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Looking for a dealer in your area or have technical application questions? Please fill out the form on the right of this page, or call us at 888-376-7027.

Why does Blue Diamond work through a dealer network?

Blue Diamond Attachments is committed to providing the best possible service to our end users by having a local dealer there to support you. At times attachments may need to be serviced or repaired, and the dealer that sold the product to you is likely to invest more to keep you satisfied. We work very closely with our dealers to provide fast product support so they, in turn, can keep you working! Blue Diamond Attachments does not sell through distributors in US or Canada in order to keep the supply chain as short as possible. We are working directly with the dealer you are purchasing from.

Choose your attachment supplier wisely!! Look beyond the price.

As an end user, can I call Blue Diamond Directly?

Absolutely. We will be glad to help you with technical and application questions so that you can be sure you are getting the right attachment from your local dealer.

What if there is no Blue Diamond dealer near me?

Blue Diamond has dealers able to service every state and province in Canada and the USA.

How can I qualify to be a Blue Diamond Attachments dealer?

Please download and fill out the PDF dealer application linked below and fax or email it to Blue Diamond to review.

Dealer Application

Thank you from the entire Blue Diamond Attachments team!