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Blue Diamond® Attachments does not sell directly to customers. Blue Diamond® Attachments is committed to providing the best possible service to our end users by having a local dealer there to support you. At times attachments may need to be serviced or repaired, and the dealer that sold the product to you is likely to invest more to keep you satisfied. We work very closely with our dealers to provide fast product support so they, in turn, can keep you working! Blue Diamond® Attachments does not sell through distributors in the US or Canada in order to keep the supply chain as short as possible. Insert your address or zip code to find the Blue Diamond® Dealer nearest you.

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 Platinum Dealers

High volume dealers with experience with a wide range of Blue Diamond Attachments.

 Preferred Dealers

Medium or high volume dealers that may deal with only a limited number of attachments.

Other Dealers

Low volume dealers that may not be familiar with many of our attachments.
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