Hose Pinching on Grapples

Anyone who has used a grapple knows that accidentally pinching off your hoses is very frustrating. We have been testing various reroute options for a while now, and have introduced a new reroute on our HD rock bucket grapples. This seemed to go over well, so we rolled it out on our new severe duty root grapple in early 2015. Again this has worked very well, and we will be introducing it to our new severe duty grapple buckets in late 2015.

A few hints though can help a lot, both with the old hose routing and the new.

  • Standing behind the grapple, take the hoses and twist them clockwise one turn and allow the coil to sit beside the left cylinder tower before plugging them into the machine couplers. This seems to keep them up and out of the way of your tracks or wheels, and the coil retracts as you roll back.
  • On the old style hose routing, many operators have just used a bungee cord around the cylinder tower to keep the hose up but allow some movement.
  • Also keep in mind, many machines have a ring that the hoses can be routed through as well to keep them out of the way.

With all makes and models using slightly different positioning of the couplers, there may be times where you need to get your hoses made shorter or longer.