Skid Steer Attachments 

Hydraulic Pallet Forks – 4,000 Lbs. Capacity

Hydraulically Adjusting Pallet Forks are a must-have attachment for any skid steer owner that moves or loads pallets, lumber or nearly anything else.  Save time by not having to jump out every time you need to adjust the tine width, and increase your productivity.

Features include :

  • Adjusts hydraulically from 8″ to 40″ on center.
  • Offers great load visibility
  • 4000 lbs capacity
  • Includes hoses and couplers
  • 48″ tines

Product Specs

114045Pallet Fork, Hydraulic48”4,000 LBS419 lbs
114047Pallet Fork, Hydraulic60”4,000 LBS460 lbs
114050Pallet Fork, Hydraulic48”6,000 LBS624 lbs
114055Pallet Fork, Hydraulic60”6,000 LBS672 lbs
114057Pallet Fork, Hydraulic72”6,000 LBS700 lbs


Skid Steer Attachments