Low Flow versus High Flow Brush Cutters

One of the common myths with brush cutters is that you must have a high flow machine to accomplish any sort of heavy brush cutting. In the past, this may have been the case, but since Blue Diamond Attachments came out with the direct drive four blade brush cutter, this myth has been proven completely wrong!

SpindleThis was accomplished by a number of features. First, we increased our motor size to drop the blade tip speed and increase torque. Then, we replaced our gear box with a custom-designed, direct drive to reduce torque loss and increase mass in the main drive spindle. This new drive spindle no longer uses a spline connection to the blade carrier but is replaced with a 13” diameter x 1” thick flange that again increased the mass required to store energy while spinning. The blade carrier was upgraded from the traditional 2 blade style, to a 1” thick (2 layers of ½”) 4 blade carrier with 4 double-edged drop down blades weighing in at 377 lbs! Now with this massive increase in stored energy and an increase to torque, we are able to cut 5”-6” easily as well as mow thick grass with a finish as clean-looking as a finish mower!

gearboxWith making all these changes we were able to prove to ourselves and our customers that we can not only compete with high-flow cutters, but in many cases, easily outperform them.

This brush cutter allows you to save money on your machine (by not requiring high flow) as well as saving money on the purchase of your brush cutter. In turn, you are now able to operate more efficiently, putting more of you hard-earned money in your pocket.