Mini Skid Steers

Mini Skid Steer V-Blade

The Blue Diamond Mini V-Blade is a versatile tool for small or hard to reach areas. It allows for straight, V, or scoop plowing. The manual adjustments are easy to use and eliminate the possibility of frozen hydraulics. Each side has three lockout positions to best suit the angle you need. The trip lockout features also allow this blade to be used for dirt applications.

Mini Skid Steer V-Blade Image & Features

Features include:

  • Straight, Angled, V, or Scoop Plowing
  • Manual Adjustment
  • Replaceable Cutting Edge
  • Adjustable Skid Shoes
  • Trip Lockout for Dirt Applications
  • Mounts Available to Fit Most Mini Machines

Product Specs

48” V-Blade, Manual Angle
315 lbs
60” V-Blade, Manual Angle
325 lbs
Part numbers listed are not machine specific. Specify which mount is needed.

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