Moldboard Plow

The Blue Diamond® Moldboard Plows come in single bottom and double bottom models, designed for tractors ranging from 18 hp to 45 hp. They are our basic moldboard plow, best suited for gardens, nurseries, hobby farms, and wild game food plots. They are designed to turn over and aerate the soil for primary tillage and to bury residue. They are available in single or double 16” plowshare lengths with replaceable plowshares. They are shear-bolt protected and not quick hitch compatible.

Moldboard Plow Image & Features
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Features include:

  • 16” plowshare length
  • Replaceable share and moldboard
  • 2-year warranty
  • Not quick hitch compatible

Product Specs

Single Bottom
Double Bottom
Tractor Size
18-50 HP
18-50 HP
Plowshare Length
Shear Bolt Protection

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