Pallet Fork Comparisons

When looking at pallet forks, there is more than meets the eye. Below are a few things to watch for.

  1. Any Blue Diamond pallet forks 4000 lbs. and over use a machined, one piece, carriage bar. Many of our competitors use a fabricated bar (two pieces welded together) or a bent U channel that simply don’t hold up.
  2. Blue Diamond Attachments run a .04 % fork tine breakage. This is largely from using high quality fork tines and using a much heavier fork tine than is required. For example: most competitors 4000 lbs. rated pallet forks, use a tine that is 1.25″ thick where Blue Diamond uses a 1.5″ tine that is actually rated for 5400 lbs. Needless to say, fork tine breakage is very rare!!
  3. Roll back and door clearance issues. Blue Diamond constantly monitors new machines for door clearance and roll back issues and adjusts design if needed.
  4. Side steps: many of our competitors use one step and or they bolt them on. Blue Diamond uses 2 steps and we weld them on so they do not come loose and get lost.