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Broom – Pickup

The Blue Diamond pickup broom is designed for heavy commercial use. Years of market research lead to this premium broom that will stand up to the rigors of the roadwork industry as well as hold up in rental applications. This simple, clean design gives added structure to typical wear areas and damage prone components such as a built in water kit, and heavy reinforcement on the front of the broom shroud. The low profile water tank allows the operator better visibility of the work area thereby reducing accidents. The 26” diameter poly or poly/ steel broom is available in 60”, 72”, 84” and a 96” width. A bolt on ¾” double bevel edge protects the ¾” weld in edge from wear and adds strength to the leading edge of the bucket. Wear bars welded to the bottom of the bucket provides strength and protects the bucket from premature wear.

Size Weight Wire / Poly Wafers Total Wafers
60″ 995 lbs 15 wire / 16 poly 31
72″ 1125 lbs 18 wire / 19 poly 37
84″ 1300 lbs 21 wire / 22 poly 43
96″ 1450 lbs 24 wire / 25 poly 49

Water Kit and Gutter Brush available for all models.



Part Numbers: 116510, 116515, 116520, 116525

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