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Stump Grinder – Extreme Duty

The Blue Diamond® Stump Grinder has it all: the highest torque in its class, compact size, cuts in forward and reverse, and provides great visibility! Using an extremely durable piston motor and Greenteeth® set up, this extreme duty stump grinder will eat through the most demanding jobs. A skid steer is limited in its ability to produce hydraulic HP, so this attachment is engineered to turn every bit of power available into performance. It can cut while moving in forward or reverse and keep RPM’s down in some applications, saving time and fuel. Spend less time on each stump and increase your profitability!

Read our stump removal case study from Athens, TN!

Features include :

  • High torque (97% efficient) radial piston motor
  • 3 low flow and 3 high flow models
  • No electrical needed
  • Cuts while moving in forward and reverse
  • Cuts 12″ below ground level (and beyond in larger holes)
  • Excellent visibility
  • Compact
  • Requires case drain line

Product Specs

10411016-20 GPM3,000 – 4,06124″24640 lbs.
10412020-25 GPM3,000 – 4,06124″24640 lbs.
10413025-29 GPM3,000 – 4,06124″24640 lbs.
10421029-33 GPM3,000 – 4,06126″30720 lbs.
10422033-39 GPM3,000 – 4,06126″30720 lbs.
10423039-45 GPM3,000 – 4,06126″30720 lbs.



Skid Steer Attachments