Swing Arm Stump Grinder Image & Features

Swing Arm Stump Grinder

The Blue Diamond Swing Arm Stump Grinder is an incredibly effective tool for commercial stump grinding. Performance is equal up to a 75 HP dedicated stump grinder with its unique design. This model allows the host machine to remain stationary and can be operated using the OEM controls or a universal control box.


Features include:

  • 6-way cutting positioning (up/down, side/side, in/out)
  • Piston motor for best-in-class cutting efficiency
  • Built with oversized components for longevity
  • Unit weighs 1,740 lbs
  • 26″ wheel with 35 durable greenteeth
  • Push blade for back-fill
  • Best suited for machines with 50-95 HP
  • Chain guard for debris

104605, 104610, 104615

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