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March 24, 2022

I purchased this stump bucket about 6 months ago. It is a replacement for a Danuser Intimidator. I repeatedly broke hydraulic hoses on the intimidator while clearing cedar trees in and around Concan, Texas. This stump bucket far exceeds the workload I put on the old implement which I have since sold. No more downtime from broken hoses. And the curved bottom helps you get leverage on whatever you are prying on. I am sold on the quality and design of the Blue Diamond Stump Bucket.

- Mike Doherty Concan Cedar
March 17, 2022

Very well built equipment.

- Robert Culp C&L Cylinder
February 28, 2022

Awesome attachment split two cords in half the time. Also split 24 in diameter oak with no problem!

- Curtis Koehler Rockin K
February 13, 2022

I bought a Blue Diamond round hay bale spear when I bought my last Kubota tractor. I later bought a Kubota Skid Steer and bought another brand hay spear for it. The difference in the two was unbelievable, even the length of the spear itself seemed shorter on the other brand. Thanks for a good product.

- Keith Masters Circle M Farm
February 8, 2022

I have completed the first season of work with the Severe duty 72″ cutter. Not new to the disc cutter experience, I have owned several and transitioned from a Blue Diamond Extreme duty Low Flow unit mounted on a Kubota SVL-95 to the severe duty High Flow mounted on my Kubota SVL-97.

Both cutters were fantastic. The Low flow unit should not have been sold to me in my opinion to be used on a high flow machine, and for my need it under-performed. I wanted to use it to cut trees as well as brush and field grass. A low flow cutter is not very effective cutting trees, however the cut on field grass and brush is really nice.

One year my John Deere tractor stayed broken down and I was forced to mount the extreme duty cutter and cut the fields on my farm. I was shocked at how much better of a cut that cutter provided. No stubble, everything was cleanly cut and I actually got the job done much quicker. I was sold! as a result, I actually sold my 75HP tractor and ten foot bush hog that I used to cut with because that Blue Diamond cutter was so good.

But then I stepped up to the severe duty unit. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more. It somehow cuts field grass and piles it up so well, that the field looks like it has been raked after cutting! When cutting cedar trees of any diameter, it just chews them into pieces. I’d say it is easily 75% as capable as a disc mulcher head. It eats everything. I have ground limestone rocks up into pieces without knowing it! I have learned to look for the cloud of white dust that is the only indication that the head is now cutting rocks and not grass.

One day I was cutting back a mount of brush when I saw some chunks of metal start to fly out everywhere. That severe duty cutter was actually chopping up an old three-bottom plow that I forgot was in there. Afterward, I only noticed a slight rolling back of the leading edge of the blades.

I whole heartedly recommend the Severe Duty Blue Diamond cutter to anyone like me who isn’t afraid to get in there and cut down anything! It will not disappoint!

- Donald Harward Real Man TruckWorks & Survival
February 4, 2022

This blower is a beast. I put in on my Tobroco Giant G3500 Tele. Technically I can blow snow 14ft deep. Bring it on! All Blue Diamond Attachments are made rock solid!


- Craig Arliss Dig This
January 12, 2022

I want to thank Blue Diamond Attachments for lending a skid steer to the recovery efforts in Bowling Green after the tornados of Dec 11th.  Today two volunteers from Eastwood Baptist Church were on my street helping move wood to the curb.  When I told them I had 4 stumps that no one had been able to move, they volunteered to bring the skid steer that Blue Diamond Attachments loaned them and after quite a bit of wrangling, they were able to get all 4 stumps to the curb for removal by FEMA.  At a time when there is so much need, the presence of your equipment made a huge difference.  Thank you so much for your support of our community!

- Philip Lienesch
December 31, 2021

I want to thank you for allowing Bowling Green tornado victims the use of your equipment (used by Eastwood Baptist Church). I was one of the people it affected. They came today and took out the uprooted tress…thank you and blessings!

- Geavonda Stevenson
December 30, 2021

When I purchased my tractor, the dealer talked me into a Blue Diamond grapple bucket, Blue Diamond pallet fork and a Blue Diamond Double hay spear. I have used the grapple on many occasions and it has preformed flawlessly and still looks new. My biggest surprise has been how useful the double hay spear has been. I have cattle and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. I will never own any other kind of spear. It is useful not only for hay, but also as a hay fork. I have also used it to move brush, post, and lift a downed cow.

- Matthew Hulgan North Creek Cattle
December 29, 2021

This stump grinder is a real tough attachment!

- Frank Hinshaw Hinshaw Farms
November 29, 2021

I have abused this grinder every single day for 3 weeks straight…this thing is an absolute animal!

- Lee Bailey
November 24, 2021

Just wanted to say thank you! I called from my dealership for help with warranty and Shirley Holt was beyond helpful!

- Craig Toth Crystal Tractor Super Center
November 20, 2021

Has to be one of the best tools in my business, this cutter has paid for itself in no time & has taken on just about anything I have thrown at it and cuts through dense woods and pastures leaving a clean quality cut. Most customers even say it does just as good as a mulcher. Very pleased so far.

- Dustin Poat Poats Land Management LLC
November 1, 2021

Love the Blue Diamond Brush Cutter. Don’t know how I survived without it. Used it for the first time this past weekend to cut trails through thick brush. It worked beautifully! Made the entrance to my ranch look like a park.

- Darryl Livanec LSR Equipment Enterprise
October 27, 2021

Just bought our blue diamond grappler and what a difference it makes in time and work.. Just cleared my son’s place of brush and now we will get my work done. I can’t wait. Thanks for a great product.

- David Warren
October 21, 2021

Teena Soch in BDA sales was so helpful in helping me select the correct disc mulcher for my Bobcat T300. I am so appreciative!

- Rob Richmond
October 18, 2021

This is an awesome cutter, one of the best I have ever used! The Extreme Duty does more than enough for what I use it for.
Awesome unit!

- Tyler Cline TC's Landworks
September 21, 2021

Awesome Blue Diamond Diamond Rock Grapple 78″.

- Fred Kauzlaric Kauz LandWorkz Inc
September 20, 2021

I just bought a Severe Duty 72″ Brush Cutter last week and retired my 20 year old cat 2 Blade Brush Cutter. After watching videos of your brush cutter I had to get one. I cleared 5 acres this weekend of 2-3 inch trees/brush and it did a great job – it cut almost everything in its path. This was money well spent to get my work done in half of the time.

- Steve Vernon

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