July 13, 2020

I recently purchased the mini skid trencher and pallet forks and am absolutely amazed at the performance of both. The trencher digs easily and leaves the trench clean and ready to lay my irrigation pipe in. No extra cleaning out required which saves me time. I would highly recommend and will buy again when the time comes!!

Jared Holt, Image outdoors

July 6, 2020

My boyfriend uses your attachments & is very happy with your product & customer service.

Tiffany Baron

June 29, 2020

Love this site and product; very job friendly; heavy duty work equipment; love shopping here.

Daniel Fifer, Fifer Construction

June 15, 2020

Purchased a Blue Diamond Hay Spear Model# 311006 from Mountain Home International,LLC.
Talking about a heavy duty hay spear, then your are talking about this one. It fits all my equipment tractor, CTL, and skid steer like a glove. Does not pop off like my previous one which was loose when mounted. Thanks for a great product that is USA and Tennessee made!!

Travis Brown

June 8, 2020

I have two Blue Diamond skid steer attachments. The extreme grapple and a heavy duty brush cutter. Very pleased with their performance.

Mike Mankin, Mankin Land Company, LLC

June 1, 2020

I have purchased 3 types of buckets: a low-profile bucket, a rock bucket, and a stump bucket, and all are heavy duty. The stump bucket is just amazing! I think they are the best on the market. Getting ready to purchase a set of pallet forks. Thanks for the fine products; keep up the good work.

Dennis Snodgrass, Snodgrass Farms

May 29, 2020

Great product and service. I would recommend.

Dan Casler, Warner Sales & Service

May 29, 2020

I friend of mine bought blades for his BRUSH CUTTER and was very impressed with the thicker gauge of the steal and performance. I will be doing the same thing in the near future.

Bruce Baltz, W.E.B. United

May 19, 2020

I have purchased two Blue Diamond attachments. A trenching bucket and a mower and by far Blue Diamond has the most rugged heavy duty attachments on the market. Mid Georgia Scapes we continue to be a repeat customer!

Tim Shipman, Mid Georgia Scapes LLC

May 18, 2020

I’ve used the 96” high capacity skid steer bucket while cleaning out and reapplying shavings to poultry barns and had a great experience with this product! Great quality with easy hookup and is tough enough for any job you face. I’d love to give the Blue Diamond skid steer grapple a trial run!

Blake Morrison, Tub Creek Farms

May 18, 2020

High quality mini skid attachments. I have several and all of them perform like they should. I own a tree service company. This work is hard on equipment. Blue Diamond holds up to the demands we put on them.

Brian Easton, Easton Holdings LLC

May 14, 2020

I purchased a Blue Diamond stump bucket last fall and have just started to use it this Spring. Not only does it work good for stumps, but is has to be the ultimate rock digger ever made. I have dug out rocks 2-3 feet in diameter from our gravel road where only 2 or so inches are above the ground. It seems to almost suck the rocks out of the ground. I don’t know how else to describe it. I wish I would have had this attachment years ago. What a work saver and time saver it could have been. The three teeth are curved such that the rock seems to balance on them so you can carry it to where you want it. Not only that, but if you are picking up a number of rocks approximately 12-18 inches in diameter, you can pick up one and flip it back so it lands between the deep area behind the teeth. You can pick up 3- 4 rocks and take them and dump them all. I can even dig a two feet deep trench with this attachment. The name “stump bucket” does not do this attachment justice. It is truly amazing. I have so much fun digging out these stumps and rocks that have irritated me for years, I don’t care if you send me a pair of gloves or not, but if you do, I have small hands. I will always look to Blue Diamond first when looking for additional attachments.

Candace "Candy" Anderson

May 11, 2020

I’ve used the Blue Diamond Brush Cutter -Extreme Duty to clear brush on my buddy’s farm in TN.
Works great!!!

Jordon White

May 6, 2020

We are a John Deere dealer that deals with many different implement companies, Blue Diamond has great customer service and excellent dealer to dealer support!

Jim Foster, Ag Pro Companies

May 5, 2020

We own a couple of Blue Diamond attachments.
Their extreme duty closed bush cutters are ideal for thick heavy brush.

Dave Stedke, Hume Supply Inc.

May 4, 2020

A friend of mine has a Blue Diamond Skid steer brush hog I have borrowed a few times and it is amazingly built well and works great. Love the products.

Jesse Edwards

April 28, 2020

I just ordered this 10 K fork lift to move beams around. I cant wait to receive it. My Bobcat dealer says it will take 3 weeks I hope I get it sooner, best fork attachment on the market.

Rio Morales, Montgomery Structural Lifters

April 23, 2020

I am very satisfied with this grinder. No job too big or too small, I can do them all.

Jay Woodruff, Woodruff's Woodchucking and Mulching

April 16, 2020

Love my new grapple! I never thought storm clean up could be so easy.

Renee Doyle

April 13, 2020

Overall have had a great experience with several Blue Diamond products that I’ve tried on my skid steer. I would highly recommend anyone looking for attachments to look at their products.

John Hicks, Turbo tree