January 29, 2021

I told dad that Blue Diamond grapples were made better and the hoses were routed better. The extreme grapple is a beast and the best.

Tyler Burchfiel

January 27, 2021

Great product.

Shane Naeger, Bobcat of St. Louis

January 25, 2020

They will stand behind their warranty.

Gene Burchfiel

January 25, 2021

We’ve used the Grapple Rake and Dozer Blade from Blue Diamond, the quality has exceeded our expectations. We will purchase more equipment from Blue Diamond.

Jeremy Nichols, Diversified Lawn Services

January 21, 2021

We love Blue Diamond Attachments!!! Great Product, Very Well Built and Great Customer Service.

Trey Adcock, Dixie Diesel

January 20, 2021

I bought the pallet forks with the global attachment for my John Deere tractors. They are very handy. I never realized how many different chores they can be used on.

John Rozenek

January 19, 2021

Bought the 66″ Light Duty Root Grapple for my Bobcat CT2035 tractor. Cleared about two acres of brush and small trees with it. Works great. No complaints. Just using it for maintenance and hauling logs now. Would definitely recommend this grapple.

Stephen Schroeder

January 15, 2021

I did my research online about 2 weeks prior to purchasing my Ditch Witch SK800 on attachments. Both brand and what types I needed. Blue Diamond is a brand name for a reason. Other contractors and machine fanatics know the Blue Diamond name. Honestly, they just look “beefier” online compared to other brands. So I bought 3 Blue Diamond attachments right out the gate. Cause what’s a machine with no attachment? Started with the 36” pallet forks, 44” smooth grapple bucket with blade, and 52” low profile smooth bucket with blade. The grapple bucket is a beast. Not a single problem. It takes a beating on a regular basis between landscaping and concrete demos. It also got used daily for 3 months straight doing tree cleanup after Hurricane Laura. The smooth bucket is solid 9/10. I give it a 9 because it is heavy. But you can’t have “heavy duty” if its not heavy. It is our most used attachment. Transporting materials 1/3 of a yard at a time is very efficient for a mini skid steer. The pallet forks are great, but they are somehow heavier than the smooth bucket. The mini skid cant really pick up a pallet to begin with so its almost worthless because of the machines capabilities. We mostly use the forks around the shop to move leftover pallets of materials from past projects and loading plate compactors, pressure washers, job site boxes, etc. into truck beds. And I’m looking at more attachments on bluediamondattachments.com again, so that should say something alone.

Hartman Holmes, Tiger Landscapes

January 14, 2021

I have a 72 in Severe Duty Bush Cutter. I think it is the best on the market because it’s a cross between a mulcher and a cutter. And their customer services is outstanding. I would definitely buy other attachments from them.

Christopher McQuitter, CAC farm

January 6, 2021

Recently purchased a 72” Severe Duty grapple from Bobcat of Knoxville. Haven’t used it much as of yet but I like the quality of the equipment. Heavy built and should last a long time. Thanks.

Terry Acuff

January 6, 2021

We purchased a Ditch Witch SK1550 last spring. My rep told me I should upgrade my bucket and forks from our current Dingo ones. I told him I’d wait and just keep using what I had. After seeing another buddy using his Blue Diamond bucket and how well built it was I took the plunge. I now have a tooth bucket, high capacity bucket, forks, and looking to get a 4 in 1 or sweeper next. I love their products and have had zero issues with all of them. So heavy duty and well built. They have a customer for life from me. Thanks guys.

Caleb Kangas, Dynamic Earth Lawn & Landscape

January 5, 2021

We love it. For what we do on the farm to move the trees and limbs, it is great. 🙂  Do a lot on the farm with it. Moving logs and brush and a lot of other. It is really good to have around. Would not trade at all.

Cathy Campbell

December 29, 2020

I have bobcat s185. (The) grapple works good on machine.

Josh Konze, Canary Home Improvements

December 29, 2020

Blue Diamond Products are very durable, tough, and reliable!

Lance Muennink, ASCO Equipment

December 28, 2020

I purchased a 72” Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter with my new Caterpillar 279D3 Skid steer/Track Loader. I cut 8-acres of 6-year old pine, oak & gum trees with the brush cutter. It is a beast on brush & trees up to 5”. It’s heavy duty made & a tough piece of equipment. I highly recommend Blue Diamond equipment to everyone. After seeing my brush cutter in action. My friend purchased the same Blue Diamond brush cutter with his new Skid steer / Track loader.

Everett Creel, C & S Underbrushing

December 28, 2020

Fast shipping and good deal.
42″ cutting edge for mini excavator fit perfectly , most important it strengthens the bucket .

Joe Vellardita, Vellardita

December 21, 2020

We have been very impressed with Blue Diamond Attachments; our customers have used them extensively and only had good things to say. I can send out Blue Diamond Attachments with full confidence they will meet customer needs. In particular the Severe Duty Brush Cutter is a customer favorite.

Justin Jacobs, Boyd Cat

December 15, 2020

My customers count on me for parts support and I know I can always count on Blue Diamond to support me in my effort to keep my customers happy. Blue Diamond attachments work superbly with our Bobcat loaders and excavators.

Brian Morphis , Williams Equipment and Supply

December 15, 2020

Blue Diamond products are built to last. Despite some abuse, our Blue Diamond attachments have performed great.

Chad Mar

December 14, 2020

I bought a bush hog, grapple bucket and 48 inch forks; am really please with them all.

Roger Turner