I Love This Blue Diamond Brush Cutter!

I received my Open Front Cutter and “I Love This Blue Diamond Brush Cutter”!! Thanks so much for your excellent service and the attachment, it works very well here in Hawaii.

A Satisfied Blue Diamond Brush Cutter Customer

The customer that i had quoted…

The customer that i had quoted the open face 72″ Extreme Duty Brush Cutter picked it up on Tuesday and said he would let me know by Friday if he would be keeping it or bringing it back. Well its a keeper. In fact he said that not only was he keeping it but he was extremely impressed with it and added that he is a hard man to impress. If anyone ever needs a reference he said he would be happy to endorse this product. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks.

A Dealer And Their Satisfied Customer

Just wanted to drop an email saying thanks for your help,

I’ve bought numerous types of attachments over the years and have never had the customer support and service like I’ve had with Blue Diamond , it was a very smooth and responsive transaction , also very informative , I know my purchase was small but Blue Diamond has definitely earned my business from now on !

Case dealer in TN customer

Blue Diamond Attachments has served me well through the years.

I see no need for changes in the future as long as the quality and service continues as in the past. I AND my customers have been well satisfied with the attachments I have purchased. Good, heavy duty, well-constructed units, at reasonable prices and service to back it all up has always been my philosophy of a good business.

Indiana dealer


As we talked about a few months ago, when my dealer in NY told me about Blue Diamond, i read all through your site and called Blue Diamond. When i got to Albany, NY Jim called me, i went over and took a bunch of pics. Finally between the snow and other repairs to the equipment, we got some weather we could demo with.

I can not get over what this thing will do, just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

My dealer has an in-house program where you leasse for 3 months, then that goes 100% to the down payment. I told Jim that the Extreme Duty Brush Cutter was not coming back, he laughed. There is a learning curve as i am used to a tractor mount, however between the 257 skid steer and the Extreme Duty Brush Cutter, I can go where and do what a tractor cannot. Nice to know i have a piece that i dont have to worry about replacing a year or 2 down the road. With the proper maintenance, I believe it will out last me, LOL.

A Dealer’s Satisfied Customer

Upon ordering a dozer blade…

Upon ordering a dozer blade, I did not realize the 14 pin connector did not match up with my JD 329D. However, the customer service i received from Blue Diamond to make this right reassured me that I had purchased from the right company. I was talked through how to solve this issue over the phone, I realized I did not have the correct tool, so I sent the wiring harness back to Blue Diamond where they realigned the pins, then sent it back to me free of charge. Thank you Blue Diamond for the great customer support you provide.

A Dealer’s Satisfied Customer

I tried out my stump bucket today…

I tried out my stump bucket today that I bought from one of you dealers here in PA. We have about 2″ of frost right now and a light covering of snow. I dug out a 24″ oak stump in about 25 minutes in less than ideal conditions. I can see this is likely going to be the best attachment I have invested in for a long time.

message from an end user in PA

Used the cutter several hours yesterday…

Used the cutter several hours yesterday and today, and it lives up to it’s billing! I Am very impressed, and it has already increased my clearing productivity substantially. This is the best attachment I own for my Kubota SVL 90-2. Also brings out the kid in me – tearing trees into toothpicks in seconds just does something for me.

A Satisfied Blue Diamond Brush Cutter Customer

Chews 6″ hardwoods for breakfast!

Just demo’d an extreme duty brush cutter on a PT100 forestry, very impressive, chews 6″ hardwoods for breakfast!!!

Terex dealer in Australia

Being a Dealer that specializes in Skid Steer Attachments…

Being a Dealer that specializes in Skid Steer Attachments for the Alberta market, we strive to have manufactures that are committed to quality and service for our customers with our very diverse economy. Blue Diamond is one that delivers exactly what we need to look after our substantial customer base. Thank you Blue Diamond, keep up the good work.

Dealer in Alberta

As a Kubota dealer…

As a Kubota dealer, our customers are looking for ways to get their work done and often that involves the right attachments for the job. We have been adding Blue Diamond Attachments to our equipment for several years. We like the quality and value that Blue Diamond Attachments offers our customers.

Dealer in Oklahoma

I sold a customer a cat 299c…

I sold a customer a cat 299c with open front brush cutter and here is what he said. “The BD cutter is a beast!! Ate 5 in cedars like straw!!!! Thanks for your help!”

Dealer in San Antonio TX

With the economy effecting every purchase…

With the economy effecting every purchase made these days, I had to research the purchase of a new heavy duty mower very thoroughly. After looking at several brands and talking to their representatives I ordered one of the open faced extreme duty mowers from Blue Diamond.

When it was delivered I had several jobs lined up for it and was able to pay for it the first week out in the field. As advertised, I used one direction for grass cutting and the other direction for brush and trees. It has worked great and both the people at Blue Diamond and the dealer in Mississippi I ordered it from have been very helpful and quick to respond to me when contacted. I would recommend anyone thinking of buying a brush cutter to consider this mower. For the weight, size, performance and cost you can’t beat it.

Alan Davis, Woodlot Management

The PT100 has a low flow…

The PT100 has a low flow of 70lpm [~18 GPM]. This is currently the main machine we are using on the slasher [Blue Diamond Extreme Brush Cutter]. Works like a dream. The old RC60 still does the job albeit at about half the pace.

From a dealer in Australia

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