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Blue Diamond Warranty Policies

Our Warranty Promise

At Blue Diamond Attachments, we stand by our products. Our warranty ensures you can depend on our attachments for your toughest jobs. We're committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind, offering reliable support for continued productivity.


BLUE DIAMOND® ATTACHMENTS, LLC (“BDA”), a manufacturer of quality attachments, warrants new BDA products and/or attachments at the time of delivery to the original purchaser, to be free from defects in material and workmanship when properly set up and operated in accordance with the recommendations set forth by BDA.

BDA’s liability for any defect with respect to accepted goods shall be limited to repairing the goods at a BDA designated location or at an authorized dealer location, or replacing them, as BDA shall elect. The above shall be in accordance with BDA warranty adjustment policies. BDA’s obligation shall terminate twelve (12) months for all products after the delivery of the goods to original purchaser unless there is additional coverage for that item as outlined below.
This warranty shall not apply to any machine or attachment which shall have been repaired or altered outside the BDA factory or authorized BDA dealership or in any way so as in BDA’s judgment, to affect its stability or reliability, nor which has been subject to misuse, negligence or accident beyond the company recommended machine rated capacity.


Except as otherwise expressly stated herein, BDA makes no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, AND MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY IN RESPECT TO ITS MACHINERY AND/OR ATTACHMENTS ARE FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. BDA shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages for any breach of warranty, including but not limited to inconvenience, rental of replacement equipment, loss of profits or other commercial loss. Upon purchase, the buyer assumes all liability for all personal injury and property resulting from the handling, possession, or use of the goods by the buyer.

No agent, employee, or representative of BDA has any authority to bind BDA to any affirmation, representation, or warranty concerning its machinery and/or attachments except as specifically set forth herein.

This warranty policy supersedes any previous documents. Please see most up to date warranty information on

NOTE: Blue Diamond® Attachments is a trademark of BLUE DIAMOND® ATTACHMENTS

At Blue Diamond Attachments, streamlining your warranty claim is a priority. Contact the Product Support Team at the first sign of equipment issues for efficient management of your claim.

To submit a warranty claim, a claim must be filed with BDA and approved before work is performed. BDA will advise repairs and applicable parts exchanges. Submit detailed photos of the issue and images of the overall condition of the attachments to These are required for processing your claim. Tampering with the failed part may void the warranty. This warranty does not include freight or delivery charges incurred when returning machinery for servicing. Dealer mileage, service calls, and pickup/delivery charges are the customers’ responsibility and will not be paid by BDA.

We cover standard LTL freight and UPS ground shipping on warranty parts and attachments sent from the plant to the dealer or end user. Next Day Air (NDA) or any other special freight services are not covered under warranty but can be arranged at the dealer and/or end user’s expense.


BDA supplies our attachments with hoses that are a universal size for most machines but because the configuration varies by manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the hose length will be correct on every machine or for every routing.

It is the responsibility of the end user to adjust the length of the hoses to fit their specific machine. It is also the responsibility of the end user to ensure the hose routing is such that the hoses will not become tangled, caught, pinched, crushed, or run over during operation.

  • It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure that the hose routing clears pinch points and          allows the attachment to move properly.
  • BDA will not cover hose or coupler damage due to poor hose routing. Hose extenders and hose keepers are available at additional cost to accommodate machines with unique requirements.

BDA supplies most of our attachments with standard size quick couplers while other attachments have the couplers sold separately. The coupler configuration on machines can vary by manufacturer so we cannot guarantee that the standard coupler will be correct on every application. We are willing to change couplers before the attachment leaves our facility if it is noted on the order. For applications where couplers are sold separately, they will be installed before the attachment leaves our facility if it is noted on the order. BDA is not responsible for coupler sizes after the attachment has left our facility unless a different configuration was specified at the time of order.

hydraulic motors:

Do not disassemble any hydraulic motor. Disassembly of the motor voids the motor warranty.

BDA products with hydraulic motors have a one (1) year warranty on parts and labor. In the event of a motor issue, a warranty claim must be submitted, and reviewed by an authorized BDA representative. BDA cannot return disassembled motors to the motor manufacturer. Do not disassemble the motor. Hydraulic motors under warranty will be exchanged if found to be defective. There are no user serviceable internal parts available for a motor that is covered under warranty.


Defective cylinders are covered for one (1) year. Disassembly of the cylinder will void the cylinder warranty. In any event of a cylinder failure, submit a warranty claim prior to disassembly or repair. Cylinders under warranty get exchanged if found to be defective. For a cylinder claim to be granted, the defective cylinder must be returned to BDA.


Auger units have a one (1) year warranty on mount and mount components. A Lifetime warranty for shaft pull-out; a five (5) year planetary drive warranty; and a three (3) year hydraulic motor warranty.


Hydraulic Breaker Hammers have a three (3) year warranty policy: one (1) year on parts and labor, and the rest on parts only. Dis-assembly of the breaker in any way may void the warranty. Please contact BDA for instructions and authorization before taking apart, to verify warranty. Bent and broken tools are not covered by warranty; see ground engaging components note below.


Brush Cutters have a one (1) year warranty on parts and labor. Dis-assembly of the cutter in any way, including the blade carrier, housing components, and/or motor, may void the warranty. Please contact BDA for instructions and authorization before taking apart to verify warranty.


Grapples have a one (1) year warranty. Faulty cylinders are covered by warranty. Do not disassemble the faulty cylinder; it will be replaced outright if determined it is defective. Bent tines and/or bent hydraulic cylinders are not covered nor implied by warranty.


Hay Spears have a one (1) year warranty, with a two (2) year warranty on the tines against breakage from normal use. Warranty does not cover tines that have been used to prod or turn bales without being fully engaged in the bale. This will cause bending.


BDA Pallet Forks have a one (1) year warranty. If the forks are used in an application where the weight that is lifted exceeds the fork rating, all warranty coverage will be voided. Damage due to prying or pushing (side load) is not covered by warranty. Lifting items such as boulders puts excessive force outward on the tines and may cause damage and or injury. The fork capacity rating is when the weight of the load is X” from the rear of the tine.


Stump Grinders have a one (1) year warranty on parts and labor. Dis-assembly of the grinder in any way, including housing components, and/or motor, may void the warranty. Please contact BDA for instructions and authorization before taking apart, to verify warranty. Broken teeth are not covered by warranty; see ground engaging components note below.


Vibratory Rollers have a two (2) year warranty that covers any issues with materials or workmanship. No warranty coverage on wear parts like hoses or shock mounts.


Thumbs have a one (1) year warranty on manufacturing defects, including weld cracks and leaking cylinders. Bent cylinders and/or bent tines/frame are not covered by warranty.


Rubber tracks are warranted only to the original Purchaser, from date of purchase, against defects in materials and workmanship. Rubber tracks that become unserviceable because of a defect in materials or workmanship, as determined by BDA, will be replaced, or given an account credit towards purchase of replacement tracks.

Machine Type Months Of Service Hours Limit
Compact Track Loaders 24 1,800
Mini Excavators 12 2,500
Multi-Terrain Loaders 24 1,000
Pavers 24 1,500

Exclusions of warranty:

• Normal wear and tear.
• Claims outside the listed months of service or hours limit coverage
• Track manufactured more than 60 months prior to warranty request.
• Damage from use or installation as a result of misapplication, or exceeding the specifications of the track original design capabilities.
• Failure resulting from abuse, misuse, negligence, alteration, accident, overload, mismatching of opposite side tracks, misapplication, or poor mechanical condition.
• Cosmetic defects such as surface cracks, splits, and other superficial distress that may impact the external aesthetic of the track but do not render the track unusable.
• Any damage or premature failure due to operator misuse, mishandling, or abuse as determined by BDA.
• Product not being used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations.
• Improper tensioning of the unit’s undercarriage assembly.


All other attachments not listed above have a one (1) year warranty. This covers any manufacturing defect. Bent tines and/or bent cylinders are not covered. Ground engaging components such as blades, teeth, and shanks, cutting edges are considered normal wear items and will not be covered by warranty unless it is clearly a faulty product. Any modification or alteration in any way may void the warranty on any piece. Blue Diamond Attachments, LLC reserves the right to decline any warranty claim at their discretion.


The Warranty registration needs to be filled out with the owner information to make the warranty valid. BDA will cover BDA products and/or attachments for the original purchaser, to be free from defects in material and workmanship when properly set up and operated in accordance with the recommendations.

LABOR, where covered, is typically credited to your account at $105/hour. When more than 4 hours are needed for a repair, we require an estimate before work is performed.

Coverage of travel time, host machine service and repairs, diagnostics, and business downtime are neither expressed nor implied.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you have returned to this page to claim labor on an existing warranty job, stop here.

  • Review your paperwork and emails from Blue Diamond and Locate the Case Number reference
  • Note it on your work order and submit a copy of the work order to instead
  • Do not re-submit your claim on this page.


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