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The Blue Diamond® General Purpose Buckets for skid steers are available in a variety of configurations. We offer weld-on cutting edge, bolt-on cutting edge, teeth, toothbar, or a long-bottom version. These well-engineered, low-profile buckets offer a powerful breakout force and great visibility. Buckets up to 72″ wide use 3/16″ material back and bottom. The 78″ and larger sizes use 1/4″ material. All standard buckets are 20″ tall and use a 3/4″ by 6″ cutting edge. The standard bottom is 30″ front to back, and the long-bottom bucket is 36″.

*Not recommended for track machines.

Product Details

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  • Low profile: 20″ high, 29″ deep
  • Low profile, long bottom: 20″ high, 39″ deep
  • 60″ – 72″ uses 3/16″ wrap
  • 78″ – 84″ uses 1/4″ wrap
  • 3/4″ cutting edge
Part NumberModelStruck CapacityWeight
10809060" Low Profile-Smooth10.8 cu ft334 lbs
10809560" Low Profile-Tooth10.8 cu ft384 lbs
10810066" Low Profile-Smooth12.2 cu ft354 lbs
10810566" Low Profile-Tooth12.2 cu ft409 lbs
10811072" Low Profile-Smooth13.2 cu ft378 lbs
10811572" Low Profile-Tooth13.2 cu ft437 lbs
10812078" Low Profile-Smooth14.3 cu ft408 lbs
10812578" Low Profile-Tooth14.3 cu ft460 lbs
10813084" Low Profile-Smooth15.7 cu ft436 lbs
10813584" Low Profile-Tooth15.7 cu ft515 lbs
10814060" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Smooth15.7 cu ft385 lbs
10814560" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Tooth15.7 cu ft434 lbs
10815066" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Smooth17.3 cu ft426 lbs
10815566" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Tooth17.3 cu ft472 lbs
10816072" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Smooth18.6 cu ft446 lbs
10816572" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Tooth18.6 cu ft505 lbs
10817078" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Smooth20 cu ft441 lbs
10818084" Low Profile-Long Bottom-Tooth22 cu ft505 lbs