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The Blue Diamond® Severe Duty High Flow Cold Planer uses the most trusted components in the industry, from the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub featured in the high-flow models, such as this one. These high-end components, combined with the highly engineered design, makes this one of the most reliable units available for a skid steer attachment. Rental Recommended.

Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Cold Planer Severe Duty High Flow

Product Details

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  • Hydraulic adjustment controls
  • Hydraulic side shift
  • High-torque, planetary drive
  • High drum weight = less vibration
  • 1 1/2″ thick drum tube
  • Easy access tooth replacement
  • Water kit available
  • Fine-cut drum available
  • Hard facing & stand-off blocks
  • Up to 8″ cutting depth


  • Removing asphalt surfaces prior to overlay
  • Widening shoulders
  • Repairing potholes
  • Restoring drainage lines
  • Mixing stabilizing agents into base for a more durable repair
Part NumberModelNumber of TeethMix-Max FlowMix-Max PressureWeight
16081018" Severe Duty4624-45 GPM2000-3500 PSI1,990 lbs
160810-HP18" Severe Duty4630-45 GPM3000-5000 PSI2,050 lbs
16081524" Severe Duty5627-45 GPM2000-3500 PSI2,300 lbs
160815-HP24" Severe Duty5630-45 GPM3000-5000 PSI2,300 lbs
16082030" Severe Duty6630-45 GPM2000-3500 PSI2,770 lbs
160820-HP30" Severe Duty6630-45 GPM3000-5000 PSI2,550 lbs
16082540" Severe Duty7630-45 GPM3000-5000 PSI2,975 lbs
160825-HP40" Severe Duty7630-45 GPM3000-5000 PSI3,000 lbs
160830-HP40" Severe Duty10630-45 GPM3250-5000 PSI3,200 lbs