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The Blue Diamond® Skid Steer Mat Grapple is a great attachment for carrying everything from pipes and logs to pallets, but it is designed specifically for equipment mats. The adjustable cylinder mount point allows the grapple to open wider or close tighter depending on your needs. The tines can be 48”, 60”, or 72” with a 4000 lb. capacity.

Product Details

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  • Designed for equipment mats
  • 48″, 60″, or 72″ tines
  • Special top clamp that holds mats
  • 4-position top clamp
  • Teeth on grapple that grip mats
  • 4,000 lbs capacity
  • Fits Class 2 fork tines
  • Tines do not adjust
Part NumberModelTine SizeWeight
106003Mat Grapple Without Tines936 lbs
306017Mat Grapple with 48" Tines48” X 1 3/4”950 lbs
306016Mat Grapple with 60" Tines60” X 1 3/4”715 lbs
306015Mat Grapple with 72" Tines72” X 1 3/4”936 lbs