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Power Rake - Heavy Duty Series 2

The Blue Diamond® Heavy Duty Series 2 Power Rake follows close on the heels of our previously released Severe Duty model. This lighter unit is suited to smaller frame skid steers and walk behind machines. The bolt-on mount allows greater flexibility for rental companies and dealers to have the correct model for the right machine with mounts offered for mini and full size skid steer machines. The working width of the machines in the 10 degree angle is 3″ less than the rotor width, and the 20 degree angle is 6″ less. For example, the 72″ rake has a working width of 69″ in the 10 degree setting, and 66″ in the 20 degree setting. This is true for all of our rakes, no matter the size family.

*Over 3,000 PSI requires a case drain

NOTE: These are shown with OPTIONAL Skid shoes and harden steel or carbide teeth that are either replaceable or fixed.

Product Details

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  • 7” diameter drum with 1.5” teeth
  • Chain drive unit for increased torque
  • Pre-lubricated chain for easy service
  • Spindles on drum are 1 3/8” diameter in greaseable bearings
  • Drum widths: 48”, 60”, and 72”
  • Overall width 9” more than drum width
  • 7/8” greaseable axles on wheels
  • Airless tires
  • Flip up wheels
  • 1.25” spindles with adjustable height
  • Bolt-on mount
Part NumberTeethWorking Width (Straight)Working Width (Angled)Overall Working WidthWeight
132407Replaceable48″42″58″528 lbs
132400Fixed48″42″58″580 lbs
132408Replaceable60″52″70″580 lbs
132401Fixed60″52″70″584 lbs
132409Replaceable72″66″82″600 lbs
132402Fixed72″72″82″628 lbs