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The Best Excavator Drum Mulcher

EX Drum Mulcher HD ac1 WEBREADY

Drum mulchers are some of the most efficient options for clearing large areas of land. The Blue Diamond Excavator Drum Mulcher is one of the fastest ways to turn trees and dense brush into wood chips. Our mulcher is made of high strength steel and with high quality components, so it is ready to take on the toughest jobs out there.

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Quality of Build

Our Excavator Drum Mulchers are made with high quality components and steel to produce attachments with the greatest possible longevity. The frame along with some parts are made with structural high strength steel. We further reinforced the frame for added rigidity and strength.

Parts exposed to wear like skids and counterblades are made with wear resistant steel. The Heavy Duty and Extreme Duty models have counterblades that are heat treated and reversible to double their lifespan. The Severe Duty model uses rigid counterblades that are more suited for aggressive conditions.

The high-quality standards in our drum mulchers mean that our machines last longer in difficult environments!

Quality of Performance

Having a durable attachment is only half the battle. Performance when it counts matters just as much. Blue Diamond designed our Excavator Drum Mulchers to produce only the best results while keeping your machine running at peak efficiency.


Having control over the right finish for the right job is important. Our models feature an adjustable input counterblade that can be brought closer or moved farther away from the rotor depending on the finish you want. Furthermore, we’ve optimized the distance between the hammer and the counterblades to produce the best finish while maintaining machine efficiency.

A hydraulic or manual gate on the attachment helps control the finish and also helps direct projectiles. A closed gate results in finer mulch; however, leaving the door open results in a rougher finish but cuts faster with more machine efficiency. Our Heavy Duty Drum Mulcher features a manual door while our Extreme and Severe duty models have a hydraulic door. For the Extreme and Severe duty options, we include a diverter valve for the gate and there is an extra counterblade on the hydraulic gate that can produce an even better finish! For even more control on the Extreme and Severe duty mulchers, the skids are height adjustable.


Our rotor uses a helix design to equally distribute material so the teeth will wear evenly. Additionally, only one tooth hits the material at a time resulting in lower power consumption and faster motor recovery in the case of a stall or impact. Bite limiters help efficiency by minimizing jamming and helping the rotor stay balanced. This all comes together to make for a longer lifespan of the motor and attachment. For easy maintenance options, the Extreme and Severe Duty models have replaceable rotor shafts.

Safety and Easy Maintenance

Routine maintenance is part of keeping your attachment running at peak performance. The centralized hydraulic ports and greasing points makes this part of maintaining the mulchers easier and faster.

Many parts of the mulcher are replaceable. Including the bolted liner that requires no significant welding making it easy to remove and replace when needed. Counterblades and teeth are also replaceable using parts from Blue Diamond’s Parts department [LINK].

Our drum mulchers come with chain curtains that both keep material flowing and also deflect thrown debris. Our heavy duty and extreme duty models come with 1 and 2 rows of chains each, while the severe duty comes with 4 chain curtain rows and rubber side shields for extra protection.  


  • Available in 30" to 50" cutting widths
  • Fits machines ranging from 4 to 20 tons
  • Models available to cover flow capacity from 9 - 45 GPM
  • Chain curtain minimizes discharge
  • 4" to 7" cutting capacity

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