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Blue diamond mini skid steer attachment brush cutter closed front

The Blue Diamond® Vibratory Series 2 Post Driver is one of our most versatile attachments. We’ve got the best post driver for skid steers ideal for both commerical use and for rental fleets! Useful for many industries, a vibratory post driver makes the job faster and more efficient for workers in construction, agriculture, solar installation, and more!

Innovative Cutting-Edge Design

Our post driver was designed with a superior technological edge that uses your machine in the most efficient way possible. 

Hydraulic Orbital Technology

Our post driver stands out from any other driver on the market. Our post driver’s cutting-edge design uses Hydraulic Orbital Technology. This advancement uses your machine’s auxiliary flow in the most efficient way meaning this post driver only requires 7 GPM! With such a low flow requirement, this is the best post driver for skid steers and also a wide variety of other machines.

best post driver versatile multi machine

Simple Compact Design

Sometimes, simple is better! The straightforward design of our post driver makes it the best post driver for safe operation because of its low weight. The compact model weights a little over 500 pounds including the mount and tilt options! The low weight means it is easy to transport and store. Additionally, the low weight and vibratory design make it much safer to operate than the more traditional “hammer” style post drivers on the market. 

best post driver for skid steers use on slope

Versatile Applications!

A vibratory post driver is ideal for several different applications and is perfect for setting fence posts and signs. A vibratory post driver is a perfect attachment for road construction crews, farmers, solar field installers, fencing and general contractors, dock builders, and more!

Interchangeable Mount for use on Several Machines!

The interchangeable mount makes it simple to swap between machines. Easily switch between an excavator, mini skid steer, front wheeled loader, telehandler, and more with our system! This features makes this post driver an ideal addition to a rental fleet but also means that this post driver can work in almost any setting. 

If your environment calls for more reach, put this on an excavator or telehandler! If you’re working in a confined space, use a mini skid steer! Either way and no matter what the environment or machine, the Blue Diamond post driver can get it done.

Easily Change out Adapters!

We offer several different adapters to further increase the versatility of our post driver. We offer round adapters ranging from 4 inches up to 12 inches and a 12-inch square adapter! When buying, you can add additional adapters. These adapters can easily be swapped, even while on the job site.

Optional Tilt Function!

The Blue Diamond post driver can handle uneven ground with the optional tilt feature. This additional feature allows the post driver to tilt 20 degrees in both directions so you can install posts straight no matter the terrain.

Check out the full line of time-saving attachments at!

Perfect Rental Fleet Addition!

Several features make this model the best post driver for skid steers for rental fleets:

  • Compact Design and Low Weight for easy storage and transport!
  • Interchangeable Mount and Low GPM requirement for use on any machine!