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Best Skid Steer Drum Mulcher

Blue Diamond Drum Mulcher Edit Attachment 3 Mulchers

When clearing and, several different attachments may be used. A skid steer drum mulcher is one of the most versatile ways to take down both trees and brush. The Blue Diamond Drum Mulcher for skid steers is durable and operates at a high standard!

This mulcher clears out brush and easily handles heavy mulching with its 60” cutting width, 34-tooth cutting drum, and heavy-duty drum bearings. Effortlessly clear acres of dense trees and vegetation with this attachment and your skid steer.

Durable Drum Mulcher for Ideal Performance

Our drum mulcher uses high quality parts and components generally reserved for higher powered mulching heads. The 3/8” thick steel mulcher body and the 2-speed Danfoss motor power through tough conditions. The overhung load adapter and synchronous drive belt protect the motor and keep everything running at peak performance.

We designed the drum mulcher to operate as efficiently as possible by including a serrated push bar to help push over brush while protecting the operator. The mulcher’s body design is shaped to help debris shed off the housing resulting in minimal accumulation with less chance of jamming.

Experience a finer finish by adding on a manual or hydraulic gate. This optional add-on gives you the ability to keep the material flowing longer to cut it into smaller pieces.

Customize to fit your machine!

This mulcher can be configured to operate on either an open loop or closed loop hydraulic systems!

Replaceable Teeth for Easy Maintenance

The 30 teeth across a 60” drum make Blue Diamond’s skid steer drum mulcher an unstoppable force when clearing land. We offer two different types of teeth depending on your application. Our standard chipping teeth are the most popular and are suitable for most environments. These can be rotated up to 4 times to extend their lifespan in between sharpening. If your workplace has a rocky environment, upgrade to our replaceable carbide teeth!


  • Secondary edge guard on the tooth anvil
  • Single 1-inch high grade bolt tooth fastening system
  • Heavy duty overhung load adapter
  • Long-life heavy duty drum bearings

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