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Rolled or Bent Snow Pusher

STD Snow Pusher

Is a rolled or bent snow pusher better? A bent snow pusher results in a less efficient operation whereas a rolled pusher keeps the load live! Read more about the different must have snow attachments here! Keep reading to learn more about the difference between bent and rolled snow pushers.

Bent Snow Pushers

Many manufacturers of snow or dirt blades form their blades by “break bending” instead of rolling the material in the moldboard. This design creates friction and a less efficient operation. The friction builds as the material rolls up the blade. In turn, this creates what we call a “dead load”. A dead load makes operation harder and requires more fuel consumption. In environments where there is limited traction, a dead load can make it difficult to move snow.

Rolled Snow Pushers

At Blue Diamond we roll our snow pusher to a specific curve! This rolled moldboard keeps the snow load “alive” which creates far less back drag. With less back drag and less friction, your machine operates more efficiently and uses less fuel. Because the snow load remains live, traction becomes less of an issue and more snow can be moved with less effort.

We offer three different high-quality snow pushers depending on your needs! Our full size snow pushers come in Standard or Heavy duty variants. For commercial use, opt for the Heavy Duty model due to the extra reinforcements. The Standard Duty is ideal for lighter or personal use but still has durability to last for years. We also offer a Mini Pusher with all of the great features that make our Snow Pushers the best! Take a look at our video detailing our different pushers!

Editor’s Note: We originally published this post in 2015 and we have since completely revamped and updated it for both accuracy and comprehensiveness.