Stump removal case study, Athens TN

Ross Reynolds of Athens, Tennessee wanted to extend his pasture ground and reclaim some of his farm that was wooded.

(Note: Stump Grinder’s deflector was removed in order to spread the chips)


After clearing all the smaller trees he was left with many 12” to 40” stumps still needing to be removed.

Using a 318 Cat excavator he began digging the stumps out of the ground. It wasn’t long before he was looking at a lot of big stumps that needed dealing with (burned or hauled off) and a lot of big holes in his land. Frustrated with progress at this point, Ross brought in his friend, Tommy Lee, who had a Blue Diamond stump grinder on his Cat 299D high flow skid steer.

This proved to make a monumental difference in the progress of this job! Grinding the stumps versus digging was close in actual time, but when finished grinding, there was no stump to deal with and no large hole to fill!

Tommy had been experimenting with skid steer stump grinders for a while and was very disappointed with everything he had tried. When his dealer offered him an opportunity to test the Blue Diamond Stump Grinder, he jumped at it. Among the other attachments he owns, he has a Blue Diamond brush cutter and what he saw there was enough to make him want to try the stump grinder.

“I have tried many brands before this one” he said “nothing comes close to what this will do! It will do 30” to 36” red oak stumps 12” out of the ground to 4” under in 15 minutes!”

The idea of trying to use a walk behind stump grinder was quickly dismissed due to cost, and the slow travel speed when in the back country. “I would have a walk behind stump grinder stuck every day and when I was done grinding stumps it would sit in the shed. This attachment comes off quick and I can use my skid steer for many other tasks!”

“This is a no-brainer!”