Stump Removal Case Study

Trevor Gooden of Gahanna OH wanted to clear about ½ an acre of woods to extend his property. After dropping the trees he was faced with about 40 stumps from 12” to 24” to remove. He had looked at grinding them or digging them out with an excavator but he would still be faced with a number of issues. One the roots would still be there will leveling out for grass and he would have to bring multiple machines in to do the job. Finally, he settled on using a skid steer with 2 attachments. A stump bucket and a rock bucket grapple. The Job went like a clockwork! “Stating at about noon we dug all the stumps out, backfilled the holes and raked out the root stick and rocks, and leveled out the complete yard by 4 pm. What we found was:

  • The stump bucket was able to get under the stump and tear loose the roots
  • The hole that was left was much smaller than when using an excavator, as well as being much faster!
  • The rock bucket grapple was able to pick up and shake the dirt off the roots, the rake all the loose roots and rocks up
  • The rock bucket also was exceptional in leveling everything back out after for an amazing finish.