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Best Forestry Skid Steer Attachments

Severe duty s2 brush

Choosing the best forestry skid steer attachments can be tricky with many available options. Blue Diamond® solves that with our full line of forestry attachments no matter what stage of the job you’re in!  

Forestry Skid Steer Attachments for Cutting and Mulching

The ability to quickly cut through brush, stumps, and logs is invaluable when clearing out wooded land. Blue Diamond offers a wide range of cutting and mulching attachments

Brush Cutters

We offer several different brush cutter models for skid steers and excavators. When looking for a brush cutter to use for forestry, it’s key to find one with thick blade carriers and double sided blades, highly efficient motors, and the right cutting capacity. The Blue Diamond Severe Duty Brush Cutters for both skid steers and excavators fit the bill!  

Our Severe Duty Series 2 Brush Cutter for skid steers has a 10” cutting capacity because it is built around a forged one-piece spindle. This powerful cutter aggressively cuts small trees but also cuts grass like a pro!

For excavators, we’ve designed the Blue Diamond 60” Severe Duty Excavator Cutter for heavy duty equipment and now it is the most durable brush cutter in its class! A 1” thick serrated blade carrier with additional weights for inertia and three double-sided blades that are 3/4” thick will cut through trees up to 6” in diameter with ease.  

Mulchers and Grinders 

The Blue Diamond Disc Mulcher includes chipping teeth on the top, side, and bottom of the carrier that you can rotate up to four times. Our disc mulcher can grind through trees, brush, stumps, and even roots below the ground surface for one of the fastest mulching attachments! 

The Drum Mulcher clears out brush and handles heavy mulching with its 60” cutting width, 34-tooth cutting drum, and heavy-duty drum bearings. Effortlessly clear acres of dense trees and vegetation with this attachment and your skid steer.  

The Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Stump Grinder takes efficiency to the next level. With the ability to cut in both directions, you’ll tear through unwanted stumps twice as fast. Quickly grind down stumps into mulch that you can easily remove, burn in a safe location, or repurpose in gardens.

Skid Steer Forestry Attachments for Brush and Mulch Removal 

After cutting large amounts of brush, moving the debris safely and efficiently to the disposal sites is a must. Some of the most versatile skid steer attachments for debris removal are grapples and buckets.  

Root Grapples  

Grapples are multipurpose attachments useful in many applications. Root Grapples help remove bulky or irregular debris. From piles of logs or unruly brush, with a Blue Diamond Grapple, you’ll be unstoppable.  

Designed for daily use in demanding conditions, the Severe Duty Root Grapple includes no pinch hose routing including a completely enclosed mount area. With clamps that open to 34 inches, you will quickly clear out large areas fast.  

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Buckets are a multipurpose essential tool for any skid steer operator. These attachments are vital for carrying materials to work sites and hauling away debris. Blue Diamond offers a full line of buckets with a variety of options. We offer buckets ranging from high capacity, utility, standard, high back, front dump, and more skid steer buckets to fit any application. Blue Diamond makes buckets with high quality steel that come in a variety of sizes and widths to fit your machine.

Skid Steer Forestry Attachments for Tree Removal 

Log splitter 

Put downed trees to good use with a log splitter! These attachments quickly process logs into firewood. Blue Diamond offers two types of log splitters.

We offer a traditional log splitter that can process up to 25-inch logs with a single easy-to-use lever; this heavy-hitter is a lightweight attachment at only 475 pounds.

For increased production, opt for the 35-ton inverted splitter with either a traditional straight wedge or a 4-way wedge. Weighing in at 969 pounds, this splitter stands up to heavy use with greaseable pins, solid slide rail, protected hydraulic cylinders, and a reinforced mounting system for a variety of coupler styles.

Tree Shears

When clearing out land, trees need to be both felled and rough chopped. Tree shears can get both of those jobs done by removing unwanted or dead limbs and safely dropping trees. The Blue Diamond tree shear cuts trees up to 12 inches in diameter with the 1” thick steel cutting edge. With excellent visibility and the ability to cut vertically or horizontally, you’ll get the job done in record time! 

Tree Pullers

When operators need to pull up small trees and shrubs by the roots, use a tree puller! These attachments easily remove damaged, invasive, or overgrown trees from the roots and leave minimal debris behind. Tree pullers feature serrated teeth to pry out roots, shake off dirt, and stack the trees for processing. Blue Diamond’s Heavy-Duty Tree Puller has two rows of serrated teeth for extra grip. 

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