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Best Stump Grinder for Skid Steers

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What is the best stump grinder for skid steers? There are often several different options of stump grinders from stationary to swing arm. For the contractor that uses a skid steer to clean up his tree jobs, the stump grinder attachment is a no-brainer! 

Stump Grinders keep contractors from having to send out a second crew, keeping cost down. Having a skid steer on site can also load up the wood chips and level the ground once the stump is removed. 

Time Saving and Cost Effective!

A skid steer cannot produce the hydraulic HP that large diesel stump grinders require. A skid steer mounted stump grinder does sacrifice some speed but makes up for it with fast and cost-effective operation!

However, due to the limited flow available, even with a high flow skid steer, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a stump grinder model.

Swing Function Stump Grinders for Skid Steers

The swing function that some manufacturers offer can be very detrimental to the actual performance of the grinder. Most swing function stump grinders are hydraulically driven, and the swing function takes away from the hydraulic horsepower available to the motor.

However, the Blue Diamond Swing Arm Stump Grinder has combated these common problems with a unique design. Our design results in performance equal to a 75 HP dedicated stump grinder. Our model allows the host machine to stay stationary while the stump grinder is operated using the OEM controls or a universal control box!

Compact Stationary Stump Grinders for Skid Steers

The most effective stump grinders on the market seem to be the more compact non-swinging types that have a grinding wheel perpendicular to the machine. With no swinging movement, these grinders use the full available hydraulic flow straight to the grinding head for maximum torque!

Some stump grinders operate while moving the machine forward, some only while moving backward, and some grind in both directions. Being able to grind in both directions obviously increases productivity.

The Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Stump Grinder is a compact size, grinds in both directions, and has the highest torque in its class!

High Torque for More Power

The types of motors available will also play a substantial part in the torque available to the grinding wheel. Many manufacturers focus on high speed as opposed to torque; however, the higher the speed, the lower the torque. And while high speed can be great, when you are dealing with a tough stump and need more power, torque is what you need. It’s just like a bike – the higher the gear, the faster you go, but when you go to climb the hill, there’s no torque in that high gear. 

The industry mainly7 uses Geroler or Geroter type motors which on average are 70% efficient. This means that only 70% of the oil going to the motor is ineffective due to “blow by”. Others use a piston type motor that can maintain up to 96% efficiency. We make sure to only use high-quality reputable brand piston motors for the most efficiency and torque!

stationary compact stump grinder for skid steers

When is a Stump Grinder for a Skid Steer the Right Choice?

A skid steer stump grinder may not be the right choice for every user. If your job site doesn’t require a skid steer for any other operation or if you only do stump grinding, a skid steer mounted grinder isn’t probably the best option. A skid steer stump grinder will never replace a 100 HP dedicated stump grinder that runs 8 hours every day. 

But if you take down trees and grind the stump while on the job, a skid steer mounted stump grinder might be worth serious consideration. Or maybe you don’t grind stumps every day and don’t want to spend big bucks on a huge diesel stand-alone unit when you only occasionally grind down stumps.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for both accuracy and comprehensiveness.