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Brush Cutters for Mini Excavators

HD Brush Cutter 3 300x225

Blue Diamond raised the bar on mini excavator brush cutters in 2013. Due to the popularity of our high performance skid steer cutters, our customers were asking for a mini excavator cutter built to the same specifications. This was not an easy task, due to the sheer weight of the direct drive system used in our skid steer cutters. The mini excavator brush cutters on the market mostly use a right angle gearbox that lend themselves to breakage and torque loss. We settled on a 50” cut design with 2 blades that uses the identical drive system as the tried and proven design we have used in our extreme duty cutters for a number of years. By using this system we increased the mass in the drive system to store energy and make up for the relatively low GPMs available in many mini excavator.

A few other features we have incorporated are; dual mounting positions and chain curtains on both sides of the cutter. The bi-directional drive allows you to get the maximum life out of the double edged blades.

The dual mounting allows you to move your mount bracket to get different positions while mowing. What it also provides is flexibility as to what machine it is used on. It means the cutter is not dedicated to one machine only, and by simply purchasing another mount, it can be used on a completely different machine. This is very important in rental applications or even a user with multiple excavators.

We typically see these being used on 35 size machines up to 80s. A zero tail swing 35 may not handle the weight too well so be sure to know what your machine can carry before installing this attachment.

Depending on the flow of your machine and the motor option you use, cutting material 3”-4” is not a problem at all.