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Questions about compatibility, maintenance, or usage? We've compiled answers to the most common questions to guide you through our products and services. If you need further assistance, we’re ready to help.

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We have a lookup tool set up on our website that you can use to find the correct blade kit for your Blue Diamond Brush Cutter

Mini excavator Brush Cutters should not emit a “loud” squealing noise during operation. It could potentially be that the flow cartridge settings are off or that the routine maintenance involving greasing the direct is not being conducted. Please call your Blue Diamond Attachments Product Support Rep for further guidance.

It is common for a brush cutter’s motor to “chatter” when an operator is extending or lifting the boom arm of their excavator. This is because the priority flow valve on the excavator is diverting hydraulic fluid away from the brush cutter and to the boom arm, enabling it to have enough power to move. Blue Diamond Attachments recommends placing the excavator boom arm in the area where the brush needs to be cut prior to turning on the brush cutter and turning it off when the excavator boom arm needs to be lifted or extended to another area needing clearing.

1440 ft-lbs is the torque spec for your cutters blade bolts and can be achieved by using a torque multiplier.

Call Blue Diamond Attachments Warranty department and one of our reps will be more than happy to help you out. Please have the model and the serial number of your attachment on-hand to ensure efficiency.

It is the Hydraulic braking system. The relief valves help slow the blade carrier down quickly so that the operator is not endangered when exiting the machine.

Please call your Blue Diamond Product Support Rep.They will review and adjust your account to reflect your discount and line of credit terms.

Please click on this link: Ensure that the labor and warranty boxes are checked before you hit the “File Claim: I accept warranty conditions” button.

You have 30 days from the receipt of the product to return. You can begin the process by going to Please ensure that you refer to the sales order for smoother processing. Blue Diamond Attachments Product Support Reps will contact you with an RMA number and return instructions.

The Blue Diamond Dealer Portal is a great source of information for our dealers and can be found at

All Blue Diamond products are of high quality, the difference between the product lines is their workload capabilities.

The Severe Duty Brush Cutters are not bidirectional. You can get the Excavator Severe Duty Brush Cutters to spin in the opposite direction by switching the flow cartridges to their opposite sides. Do not adjust the setting of the cartridges. For the Skid Steer Severe Duty Brush Cutters, swapping the motor hoses to their opposite sides causes them to spin in the opposite directions. This will allow you to wear down the opposite sides of your blades without the loss of power.

There are daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks that all attachments are required to have. Please refer to your Blue Diamond Attachments Operators for those specified tasks.

The Gutter Brush Kit is designed to work on the side of the street that the gutter is on. Although it is possible to have two gutter brush kits it is not recommended as you could push the third hydraulic motor over the pressure limit for the hydraulic circuit.

Blue Diamond Trenchers are designed to travel in a straight line, turning them while running and in the ground is improper usage of the attachment and will void any warranty left on the attachment if the attachment breaks or is warped due to this.

The Blue Diamond Backhoe attachment is designed to move when the boom is retracted all the way and the bucket is out of the ground. Moving in any direction while the bucket is still engaged in the ground will torque the frame or cylinder causing them to break. The warranty will be voided due to abuse caused by improper operation of the attachment.

No, the warranty covers replacement cylinders, not repacking. The old cylinder must be returned through our RMA system. Contact your Blue Diamond Parts and Warranty Team for instructions.

No, pallet forks are built for lifting evenly distributed weight and carrying it level. Bending comes from prying or using the end of the fork instead of the full fork for lifting.

No, please call your BD Product Support Rep as dismantling your motor may void your warranty.

We recommend that you do not pry with the forklift attachment as this causes damages to both the frame mast and tines. This will not be covered under warranty as it is classified as improper usage of the equipment and operator abuse.

We recommend that you do not lift boulders with the forklift attachment as this could cause damage to both the frame mast and tines. This will not be covered under warranty as it is classified as improper usage and operator abuse.

In photo 1 you can see the wall of the inner collar of the bearing is thicker than the other. In photo 2 you can see the outer collar is also thicker on one side than the other. When installing the broom drum, be sure to slide the square motor coupler completely into the motor drive flange. While making sure the motor coupler has stayed deep in the drive flange, clock the outer collar of the shaft bearing by inserting a punch into the recess provided in the collar (see photo 3). The collar should tighten to the shaft due to the cam effect. Now tighten the set screws in the collar of the bearing (see photo 4). The broom drum should not move from side to side using this procedure.

Your plate compactor has a separate reservoir for machine oil that needs to be filled independently of the host machine tank. The equipment must be placed in a vertical position before starting to verify that the oil level is above the center of the sight glass.  If needed, add wear resistant gear oil.

The bolt hole pattern for the Blue Diamond bolt-on edge is 6″ on center, starting between 3 and 3.5″ from the edge. The bolt size is a 5/8” plow bolt. Check your bucket and compare. For questions on a specific one, contact your Blue Diamond Product Support Team for the exact pattern on that one.

In the normally open position the hydraulic pressure is directed to the attachment’s primary function. Pressing the control to change the angle of a broom or the tilt of a blade diverts the hydraulic pressure to the secondary function of the attachment. Both cannot function at the same time.

We do not offer free or discounted shipping at this time. Since we see freight as a cost that we have little to no control over, we feel our money is best spent building the highest quality products, charging a fair price for them, and backing them up with incredible service. One thing that can help, though, is that if you are a dealer purchasing whole goods, having some spare parts shipped with that order can save you a lot on shipping. Please contact your Blue Diamond Product Support Rep to coordinate this.

1. Park the cutter on its blade carrier on blocks

2. Dismount the motor

3. You can now see 2 large nuts on the spindle. Take these and the washers off.

4. Connect your host machine to the cutter and lift the cutter frame up off the blade carrier.

5. Clear the wire easily

6. Inspect the grease seal and replace if needed

7. Replace cutter on carrier

8. Reinstall nuts and washers

9. Reinstall motor

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