Tips for putting brush cutters on mini excavators

Aug 25/2016


When looking to purchase a mini excavator brush cutter, there are a number of things to consider:

  1. Is your machine heavy enough to carry the brush cutter at full reach?
    1. 36” minimum operating weight recommendation – 6,000lbs.
    2. 42” minimum operating weight recommendation – 7,300lbs.
    3. 50” minimum operating weight recommendation – 12,000lbs.
  2. Is the auxiliary flow of your machine within range for the brush cutter?
    1. Minimum auxiliary flow recommendation – 13gpm. For machines with less flow than this, feel free to ask us about your machine.  In some cases, we have found that smaller machines will still run the head, depending on how the manufacturer arranges the hydraulic pumps.
    2. Maximum auxiliary flow recommendation – 23gpm. For machines with more flow than this, feel free to ask us about your machine.  With most larger machines, it is possible to restrict the flow and pressure to within safe operating range.  In some cases, this can even be done automatically from within the cab.
  3. Is the total flow of all hydraulic pumps close to double the auxiliary pump?
    1. This is important so that the volume of hydraulic oil going to the brush cutter is not drastically reduced when operating another function such as boom or drive.
    2. All brands respond differently when operating attachments, based on how their pumps are set up and whether or not a priority valve is installed.
  4. What are your expectations?
    1. Generally, mini excavators will not produce the hydraulic flow of a skid steer until you get into the 80 class size machines. Therefore, you are not going to get the same cutting torque as you would see with a compact track or skid steer machine.
    2. The attachment and the standard movement of your machine are both powered by the same hydraulic oil, so performance may be restricted. When working with a bucket, the undercarriage and boom have access to all of the hydraulic flow.  However, when the brush cutter is using half of that to turn the blades, you will most likely experience a slower drive speed, and a harder time booming up or down.  Booming down and swinging are usually the least affected functions.
  5. Can I mount this to my machine?
    1. Yes, Blue Diamond offers most mounts for factory pin or quick coupler style mounts on all major brands.
    2. We can also make most aftermarket quick coupler mounts.
    3. Just give us a call and ask! We will do what we can to find the mount you need.
    4. You can also choose to purchase this machine without a mount, and it will be sent with a flat plate to weld on the correct ears for your coupler.
  1. What if one of the three models doesn’t fit my machine?
    1. Give our Customer Service team a call and ask them what experience they may have had with your machine in the past. We may have done or be able to configure an attachment compatible with your machine.

Note: The Blue Diamond mini excavator brush cutter does not require a case drain line be installed on the excavator saving both time and money on set up.