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An Overview of Skid Steer Grapples

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Grapples are one of the most multipurpose and widely used attachments. A skid steer grapple is useful for applications across construction, landscaping, agriculture, forestry, and more. There are many different types of grapples ideal for different jobs. 

Blue Diamond’s wide variety of grapple attachments make us the industry leading standard for high quality and durable grapples. High quality steel and components make up all our grapples for maximum durability. Our heavy duty and severe duty models include protected hose routing that prevents hose pinching in tough conditions.

Grapple Buckets

Grapple buckets are ideal for moving large amounts of irregular material. Whether you’re moving demolition debris or recycling scrap, a grapple bucket can do it all. When operators need complete removal, they’ll reach for a grapple bucket. Blue Diamond® Grapple Buckets are durable through tough conditions with greaseable pivot points and couplers and available for full size and mini skid steers.

Severe Duty Grapple Bucket

When needing a grapple bucket that can withstand daily use in harsh conditions, the Severe Duty Grapple Bucket from Blue Diamond® is one of the most effective and durable grapple buckets in the industry. With protected hose routing, heavily reinforced top clamps, and 3/4” steel on the top tines, this grapple bucket will last.

Skid Steer Grapple Bucket Severe Duty Model

Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket

The Blue Diamond® Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket handles a moderate workload and works best with skid steers up to 50 HP. Made with 1/2” steel, this grapple is tough enough to handle up to 2,500 lbs, yet lightweight making it ideal for smaller machines.  

Light Duty and Mini Grapple Buckets

The Blue Diamond® Light Duty Grapple Bucket is especially for small loaders that have limited lift capacity. Weighing only 454 pounds with dual top clamps, you can grab a load with less fear of tipping your machine. Made with 3/8” steel and grease fittings, this grapple bucket will get the job done.

The Mini Grapple Bucket is a tough, yet light grapple designed for interior demolition and is available in narrow widths that will fit through most doorways. With industrial grade pivot pins and cylinders, this mini attachment handles even demanding conditions. The included bolt-on replaceable cutting edge extends the lifetime of this attachment even more.  

Grapple Rakes

Grapple rakes are great attachments for general land clearing. These attachments have shallow tines allowing the teeth to grasp large amounts of brush or logs. When you need to clear large amounts of land fast, grapple rakes are the ideal attachment. The extended teeth with serrated edges effortlessly rake and rip through roots and other material. Combine these features with high visibility for the operator, and you’ll never reach for a different attachment to clear land. Blue Diamond® offers grapple rakes for full size and mini skid steers. 

The Blue Diamond® Severe Duty Grapple Rake for skid steers and track loaders is built to tackle the most demanding projects. This high visibility grapple rake comes with dual top clamps to tackle even irregular loads with ease. Replaceable teeth protect the main frame of the grapple from wear.

The Blue Diamond® Heavy Duty Grapple Rake for skid steers is a great alternative to a root grapple when visibility is important. The large single clamp is ideal for removing light and bulky brush.  

Mini Grapple Rake

Our Mini Grapple Rake is a tough attachment that can handle multipurpose jobs. In addition to hauling away brush, this attachment includes serrated teeth on the clamps and bottom tines that can rip through roots below the ground surface. 

HD Root Grapple on a Skid Steer

Root Grapples

When moving, pushing, or lifting materials, a root grapple is a great multipurpose attachment. The flat and long bottom teeth and prolonged upper grapple provide great stability. Easily secure large loads for transport. These attachments are powerful and ideal for pulling large rocks or roots from the ground. With a skeleton frame, root grapples are also useful for raking and sifting through dirt for unwanted debris. Blue Diamond offers root grapples for full size skid steers, mini skid steers, and tractors.  

With a heavily reinforced mount and rugged top clamps, the Extreme Duty High Capacity Root Grapple is designed for everyday use in demanding applications. Rip through roots with the serrated tine tips. This high-capacity grapple efficiently grabs large loads and with protected cylinders and hoses, minimizing and eliminating downtime!

Use the Severe Duty model to rip out roots, move timber, or other irregular loads with the reinforced dual independent clamps. The half inch, extra strong one-piece tines are robust and durable for carrying large loads.

Rake Grapple Moving Vegetation and Debris

When faced with a moderate workload or non-commercial applications, the Heavy Duty Root Grapple is built tough with 1/2” steel but is still light enough for smaller skid steers and tractors. With enclosed cylinders and hoses, reduce downtime even in difficult conditions.  

Light Duty and Mini Root Grapples

When looking for a grapple suitable for a smaller skid steer or tractor with limited lift capacity, you don’t want to waste your hauling capacity on a heavy attachment. The lightweight Light Duty Root Grapple has one-piece tines, protected cylinders, and greaseable fittings to increase durability. Made with 3/8” steel and only weighing 454 pounds, you can still grab a large load with less chance of tipping your machine.  

While small, the Blue Diamond® Mini Root Grapple is exceptionally tough even in demanding applications. Built to last, this grapple has a welded and protected cylinder with 2” bore, 1” pivot pins in bushing, and protected hoses.

Rock Bucket with Grapple

A rock bucket fitted with a grapple is one of the most versatile attachments. In addition to picking up rocks, use this attachment as a land plane, or to clean up job sites, clear brush, haul logs, and more! All Blue Diamond’s rock buckets have laser cut cutting edge gussets tips on the tines for maximum durability. We offer configurations suitable for full size skid steers, tractors, and mini skid steers.  

 The Severe Duty Rock Bucket for full size skid steers is our toughest rock bucket. With half inch, one-piece tines throughout, when an operator needs continuous use out of a rock bucket, this one can get it done. Open sides on either side of the mount for better sifting, a cutting edge designed for better leveling, and increased structure in the clamps that prevent twisting makes the user experience the best one possible!  

For moderate to heavy workloads, the Heavy Duty Rock Bucket Grapple for either full size skid steers or tractors can sift, rake, or move loads secured with dual independent grapples that are made from ½” steel. Pry up large rocks and keep material even more secure with the extended back around the mount that helps prevent your load from sliding out.  

Standard and Mini Rock Buckets

For the noncommercial operator who needs a durable rock bucket, the Standard Duty Rock Bucket Grapple is a must have multipurpose attachment. Use this attachment as a land plane or for light clearing. Choose from either standard or heavy-duty grapples depending on your needs. Standard grapples are made with 3/8” steel and provide a lightweight option for smaller machines. Heavy Duty grapples have protected cylinders and top clamps made with 1/2” steel.  

Blue Diamond® designed this Mini Rock Bucket originally as a sifting bucket for mini skid steers. But it also does well as a land plane or for light clearing. Move rocks and firewood while leaving the dirt behind!

With such a wide variety of grapples styles and models, Blue Diamond® has the right skid steer grapple no matter your application! Check out the full line of multipurpose and durable grapples at!